A Daily Reminder That Everything is Amazing

Everything is amazing and nobody's happy – Louis C.K.

Avenues of Escape

As I sat in the room, my eyes scanned the walls. I was looking for windows, doors or any means of escape. Along the far wall I saw a tiny door, a crawl space. Possibly my only way out.

The lightbulb flickered and buzzed overhead. It was swinging loosely from a cord. Whoever constructed this room clearly kept a close eye on their pocketbook. The walls were scuffed and paint was peelings. I was sitting in the only chair in the room – a rickety wooden, folding chair that creaked with any slight movement. How had I gotten here? I shifted in my seat and let out a heavy sigh.

As the light swung gently overhead something flickered from across the room. I squinted my eyes to focus. I had lost my glasses somewhere along the way so everything was twinned with a slight blur. The flickering, though, was the light hitting the smooth, metallic edge of a razor blade. A slow smile spread across my face – a better escape.

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