A Daily Reminder That Everything is Amazing

Everything is amazing and nobody's happy – Louis C.K.

Inflection over Eggplant

I just want to be inspired. I’ve been saying this for what seems like forever now. Theoretically it is bound to happen at some point… at least I’d like to hope so. Presently, though, I’m writing this blog based on a random quote I pulled off the internet.

“Don’t judge someone just because they sin differently than you…”

Maybe this quote, if I let it sink in, will give me the clarity I have been desiring.

We’re all different versions of the same form. But oftentimes the differences outweigh the similarities. Yes, we’re all living, breathing entities, but what sets us apart is what drives us. What we desire.How we live. How we die.

Nobody’s perfect and nothing is easy, so why is it the only one preventing happiness our own self? Why do we get in our own way and live a life of comparison?

Everyone is fighting something. Everyone loves something. Everyone has lost something. We all have problems that are all our own. My lowest low may be nothing like yours – but since it’s mine, I have to own it.

Maybe you’ve already had your dark days and come out stronger in the end. Maybe we’re both broken at the same time. But I need to accept we’re all different. Life ebbs and flows for people at different times. Today you may be on top of the world and tomorrow it may be a different story. Who is to say what is fair? Who is to say who is right? Who am i to judge you if you sin differently than I do?

Guilty pleasure? I’ve got a few. Vices? i have those too. I’m sure you to, too.

We’re not the same, no matter how similar we may appear. We’re all broken in some way. Our weaknesses shine through the cracks like a medal of honor… or a badge of disgrace. Proof we’ve been hurt. Prof we’ve truly lived. Proof, perhaps, better days lie ahead of us.

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