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Everything is amazing and nobody's happy – Louis C.K.

Incomplete Confessional

I wish I had picked an easier way to be. This whole lesbian thing is a racket. Girls are bitches. But, really, maybe they aren’t. Actually, they really probably aren’t. What I need in my life is a good bitch, though. Someone that won’t, so much, take control and destroy me but rather someone who will step up and be the hero of my love story. A nice girl who doesn’t take advantage of my kindness. A sweet girl who is just as thoughtful to me as I am to her. A sexy lady who can take charge but know that sometimes I need an extra hand.

From the days of Milk, I knew I picked the wrong kind of girls. Toxic bitches who loved to be praised and ogled and adored. I thought I had grown since, but maybe not. Yes, here we are, years later and it’s no longer about the attractiveness only, although that helps. I still, though, find myself desiring people who are just bad for me.

As much as I try, I will never be a bold person. I will never be the one to make such a move to leave you breathless, but I will tell you how I feel and leave myself open for vulnerability. I’ll set myself up for you to stomp all over my heart… And that’s ok.

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One thought on “Incomplete Confessional

  1. Blonde Rebecca on said:

    I think as you grow, it actually gets harder. Finally learn to leave the losers at the curb, and what do you get? Wonderful people who enter your life, and you’re forced to admit that though they seem to wax magnificence on everything around them, they still somehow manage to not be right for ‘you.’ If that isn’t a kick to optimism and morale, I don’t know what is.

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